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Voices for Change


The Voices for Change (Survivors Alumni) plays an integral role in helping newly admitted young women and girls to fostering trust in people and building new relationships. At the center they are safe and are surrounded by people who share their fears. They are in a non-judgmental, inclusive environment where they can share thoughts and feelings. Our ultimate goal is successful reintegration into society. Each woman or girl has her own story; and we treat each story with respect, offering to each individual the help they need. At the Center we build up survivors’ basic leadership skills by forming survivor team leader, and peer-support groups.



We empower victims to become survivors and survivors to become part of solution. To support the operations of AFESIP Cambodia, 30% staffs are survivors. Two survivors are on-site psychologists who support and counsel survivors both during their time at the Center and post-departure. One Nurse and managing the center operations; Other two survivors are education officers; our day-night care-takers are also survivors and our survivors are empowered as key persons of the organization in management levels.  


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