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Acting for Women in Distressing Situations 

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  1. Project Futures

Project Futures is one of our major donor based in Australia. It has been a decade this year, counted from 2009 to 2019, PROJECT FUTURES raised million(s) dollars to support the program activities of AFESIP in Cambodia covering the 4 pillars of program sites. We can’t thank enough to Project Futures for its on-going supports to the works of AFESIP no matter how tough situation that we went through.


  1. Solyna Foundation

Solyna Foundation is a major donor of AFESIP based in Switzerland. The Solyna Foundation has supported AFESIP technically and financially since 2013. Annually, the foundation throws GALA fundraising events in Switzerland in purpose to collect funding to support AFESIP’s program activities. Each single dollar raised is sending direct to AFESIP to support the program activities on the ground in Cambodia. AFESIP can’t be able to continue our mission with the best efforts from Solyna Foundation.


  1. Orphaned Starfish Foundation

AFESIP partners with the Orphaned Starfish Foundation to provide our children with access to technology education and vocational training. Orphaned Starfish Foundation constructed and operates a state-of-the-art technology center on-site at our facility where students take classes with an experienced computer teacher. These classes help prepare our students to go on to university study and/or employment. Many thanks to the Orphaned Starfish Foundation for their partnership and support.


  1. Together1Heart

Together1Heart is a 501©3 U.S based organization which is co-founded by Somaly Mam, AFESIP’s founder & Managing Director, and Annalynne McCord, A Human Right Activist and actress. It is a fiscal sponsor of AFESIP. The dollars is raised through Together1Heart going to support ground sites program of AFESIP in Cambodia.


  1. Government of Cambodian

It is an honored to host a visit of Prime Minister Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Royal of Cambodia, to AFESIP’s Recovery center in Phnom Penh on March 10, 2019. His visit was meaningful to the young women/girls and entire of AFESIP’s team. He has announced that the Royal Government of Cambodia has donated on-going and one off donations including 3 floors of stories building (24 rooms); 1 mini-van as transportation for the young women and girls going to school; 1.2tons/month of rice ration; $25/month as pocket money for each girl, severance to the staffs and $2,500 (10millions Riel) as on-going monthly donation.


  1. Cambodian Red Cross

The Cambodian Red Cross presided over by the first lady of Cambodia, Her Excellency Bun Rany Hun Sen, paid her visit to AFESIP’s recovery center on March 7, 2019. We cannot find any words to express her kindness and generosity. She has brought along with the in-kind and financial donations which is equal to US$7,500 per annual to cover the foods for the young women and girls who are being cared at the recovery center.

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