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Economic Empowerment Program


Within the 4 PILLARS of AFESIP the Economic Empowerment Program (EEP) helps with the reintegration of the young women into an independent life.

Gain Work Experience

Women who have made substantial progress on their recoveries and training begin a process of reintegrating back to a regular life.  This process involves working as an apprentice or intern.

Build a Future

They learn to live independently, manage their own money and ensure they are able to regularly participate in their chosen profession.

For the young women graduating high school, this period is the time they begin their career or enter university. Their transition is critically important to be carefully managed to ensure they are able to sustain their own lives.

Support After Reintegration

To ensure ongoing success of survivors who have completed the programs, an Economic Empowerment team follows up with survivors for an extended time post reintegration. Since it is simply not enough to provide them with education and training, a small team of dedicated supporters (medical doctor; psychologist; member of survivor empowerment network and in some cases legal protection staff) helps them in legal process, works with each of our graduates to ensure the best end results.

Sustainable Change

During the vital phase of reintegration, the EEP team works to ensure that our graduates learn the value of investing in themselves and generating greater returns. Moving beyond just sustaining their lives, EEP team will help them become successful and improve their economic standing in their communities. Their rise to success will in turn help young women who are still in the program and also create greater advocacy for women.


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