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Recovery Service Program


Within the 4 PILLARS of AFESIP the Recovery Service Program (RSP) supports the recovery of victims.

 Recovering in the Community of Origin

We serve young women and girls by providing safe and secure housing and confidential psychological counseling, routine and emergency medical treatment and professional legal assistance.

We do not promote and encourage institutionalized base-care; we support the policy on Alternative Care for Children of the Royal Government of Cambodia and thus favour children grow up in a family or in the community of origin, when in the best interest of the child, over other recovery and housing alternatives. 

Our programs are designed to simultaneously meet standards and milestones while also being flexible and taking into account that every survivor arriving at a care facility is unique and has individual needs. 


Providing Support and Education

The Tom Dy Center finished being began operating in 2004 and has the capacity to offer safe and secured accommodation to up to 60 young women and girls at any given time.

We offer them a full range of services to help with their recovery. They receive balanced, nourishing meals; clean clothes; personal  hygiene kits; general healthcare; psychological support; legal assistance; family conciliation; formal education in state schools; English and computer classes; tutoring; basic life skills training; etc.... For their overall wellbeing and grown, they can also freely use the playground and library. 




Survivor Empowerment Network

Feelings of disempowerment and disconnect are the result of psychological trauma, so our recovery process focuses on empowerment and in the survivors making new connections. At the Center we build up survivors’ basic leadership skills by forming survivor team leader, and peer-support groups.

The Survivor Empowerment Network plays an integral role in helping newly admitted young women and girls to fostering trust in people and building new relationships. At the center they are safe and are surrounded by people who share their fears. They are in a non-judgmental, inclusive environment where they can share thoughts and feelings.



Successful Reintegration

We empower victims to become survivors and survivors to become part of solution. We employ four survivors through our Recovery Service Program (RSP), two of whom  serve as caregivers to other survivors. Other two survivors are on-site psychologists who support and counsel survivors both during their time at the Center and post-departure.

Our ultimate goal is successful reintegration into society. Each woman or girl has her own story; and we treat each story with respect, offering to each individual the help they need.





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