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Recovery Service Program


Recovery Services is focused on 4 main areas of works safe and secured accommodation, healthcare, psychology support and legal assistance. The initial steps of stabilizing victims or high-risk persons from the distress they have encountered are generally provided at our recovery center where they can access to safe and secured accommodation, medical doctor and psychologist and other necessities as the need be. We offer them a full range of services to help with their recovery. They receive balanced, nourishing meals; clean clothes; personal hygiene kits; general healthcare; psychological support; legal assistance; family conciliation; formal education in state schools; English and computer classes; tutoring; basic life skills training; yoga and meditation etc.... For their overall wellbeing and grown, they can also freely use the playground and library. 


Recognizing that the core effects of psychological trauma are disempowerment and disconnection, the recovery process focuses on empowerment and in making new connections. The survivor empowerment network plays an integral role in assisting new admitted young women and girls in creating trust in people and building new relationships. Programs are designed to meet set standards and milestones while also being flexible and taking into account that every survivor arriving at a care facility is unique and has individual needs.


Our cares receive general health assessment and treatment upon arrival and on-going follow-up as needed on individual case basis in our recovery center to reintegration into community at large beyond they recovered and graduated their education and trained of apprenticeships. To ensure their well-growth and healthy, we frequently provide multi-vitamins, nutrition, protein and necessary vaccinations as needed.






All victims, who are involved in legal process, are offered with legal aids and support in partnership with other legal aids organization for their recourse to both justice and compensation. The protection officer works with other organizations to prepare legal cases and ensures all victims are provided with legal assistance and representation throughout the legal process.


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