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Education and Training Program


Within the 4 PILLARS of AFESIP the Education and Training Program (ETP) supports the education skills-training of each young woman and girl.

Break the Cycle of Poverty

AFESIP sees education and training as an opportunity for each young woman and girl to (re)build their lives. Education is a powerful tool that can improve the young woman and girl’s quality of life as well as that of those around them. Education also helps break the cycle of poverty.


Planning a future Career

Once the victims have received the necessary medical and psychological care, they are ready to choose either further education or off-site training. Many of them have little or no formal education; and in addition, as a result of the trauma experienced, they may have difficulty concentrating and learning in general.

These factors are taken into consideration. Once the young woman, with guidance, chooses one option—education or off-site training, the ETP starts to develop career plan. The plan is drawn up in collaboration with the survivor and, wherever possible, her family members.



Education Until Graduation

The goal is well-educated, competent, qualified, confident graduates who are able to pursue professional careers so that they can live autonomously.

There are three phases of education we work on:

-The first phase is public schools, which girls attend while living at the center.

-The second phase is community-based education which the girls receive once they have partially recovered and are ready to leave AFESIP to live with their families in their home communities.

-The third phase is a scholarship-funded university education, which they pursue after they have completed high school.

Offering a Mentorship Program

AFESIP supports all girls with all the necessary funding, materials, guidance and support. We regularly check on the girls’ development and home environment. At the Center we also provide additional tutoring as required so the children can keep up with the school curriculum.

AFESIP also works on a mentorship program to increase the opportunities for girls to continue studying after high school. Under this mentorship program an individual or organization can contribute to the survivor’s education, including tuition, mentoring, specific coaching or tutoring in the young woman’s field of study.

Skill Development and Job Placement

We emphasize practical life skills and applied business training by working in partnerships with established professionals and other NGOs in our community. So far, we have developed a list of over 30 outsource placements, i.e. an “Outsource Training Skills Directory” including those at beauty salons, tailors, bakeries, restaurants, in hospitality etc...


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