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While we deeply value the interest in our organization, for the safety, dignity and wellbeing of our in-center cares. we do not allow members of the public to visit our center. Our center is the home of those we work with, not tourist attractions. However; We do welcome donors and partners into our organization, both as part of the transparency policy which AFESIP operates and as an opportunity to share and exchange valuable learning. Please download and complete our Visitor Request Form for consideration at least 4 weeks ahead of the date you wish to visit to enable us to process and plan. We will respond to your request within a week of receiving this form. Please email your form and/or any questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paperwork required for center’s visit: 

  • Required Criminal Background Check
    Please note that a recent (conducted within the last 3 years) CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK IS MANDATORY for all visitors to our center and the process and length of time to obtain this varies greatly from country to country (from 10 days up to 3 months). Please research and consider the process prior to completing your request form.
  • Please note the following specific elements of our policy

Limit of group sizes to 5 people. We are appreciative of your interest in our work, however, we have a duty to ensure that the privacy and dignity of our girls and young women are respected and that minimal disruption is caused to their training programs and daily routine. 

  • Photography Restrictions
    For reasons of privacy, security, dignity and protection of girls and young women, cameras cannot be brought into our center, unless prior permission has been granted by AFESIP management. This is a particularly serious point regarding survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation, as identifying them as such on the internet can have serious implications on the individual. For more information on our commitment to identity protection, please see our policy.
  • Visitor Fee - $50/per shelter-visit
    AFESIP is a not for profit organization. We rely on the generous support of trusted partners. As part of our policy of transparency, we ensure that all donor funds are fully allocated to the purpose for which they were granted and are not used to subsidize visitor or marketing expenses. As such, a fee of $50 per person for visitors for a shelter-visit will be applied as a compulsory minimum contribution to the organization, and in order to cover the legitimate costs associated with planning and facilitating your visit, including additional time of staff, logistics, transport, vehicle maintenance, and other direct costs incurred.
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