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Survivor Empowerment Network (SEN)


SEN is the formulation a group of survivors, who have been the beneficiaries of AFESIP-Cambodia programs, and who have successfully recovered from all major physical and psychological injures, and who have reintegrated back into communities across Cambodia. The aim is to empower and promote social welfare and the well-being of survivors of sexual violence, trafficking, abuse, indentured slavery and/or exploitation. SEN achieves this by taking action as a common voice and with continued support for the vulnerable members in the community. They assist them through any and all harmful situations in their lives.

The Survivor Empowerment Network also seeks to sensitize and raise awareness to the public at large as they call for better solutions. Each of the SEN members play a significant role as change-makers in their communities by bringing the voices of the voiceless to the forefront. This network is led and managed by a survivor of cross-border human trafficking. Due to the limitation of resources, the SEN program works very closely with these areas post-recovery: Healthcare; Psychological; University Scholarship and Outsourced Skills Training; Community-Based Education and Economic Empowerment Programs to allow the voices of victims and survivors to be heard. This serves to integrate their collective voice with targeted action aligned with the direction of a key goal, “Empower victims to become Survivors, and empower Survivors to be a part of the Solution”. Survivors are brilliant change-makers in the field of this work and they are role models from which other victims can draw inspiration and courage. In 2021, 37% of staff members of AFESIP-Cambodia are survivors work in the 4 key programs of Recovery; University Scholarship and Outsourced skills training; Community-Based-Education; Economic Empowerment Programs. Our survivors are empowered as the key persons of the organization in management and senior management levels.



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