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Donate to AFESIP-CAMBODIA for helping the young women and girls who are victims and survivors or being at risk of human trafficking, sexual abused, exploitation and indentured slavery.

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Account Name : AFESIP 
Account Number : 010-30-060-002959-3 
Currency : US Dollar 

Bank Name: The Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia 
Bank Address: No 3, St. 53/114 Kramoun Sar, Phnom Penh 

Contact Person: Ms. Lin Sylor 
Title: Operations Director of AFESIP

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Phone:  +855 61 601 601 

Thank you so much for your generosity. Each single dollar of donations invested directly to care for and secure the rights of victims or at risk of being victims of sexual trafficking, violence, abuse or indentured slavery and exploitation and to successfully recover, getting education/training and reintegrate them into mainstream society through financial independence in a sustainable and innovative manner. We accomplish this by helping and teaching them how to achieve financial independence through sustainable careers.

  1. Psychological support

A monthly average, AFESIP provides recovery services to 55 young women and girls in Tom Dy recovery center where is the initial steps of stabilizing victims from the distress they have encountered in brothels or abusive situation. We recognize that the core effects of psychological trauma are disempowerment and disconnection, the recovery process focuses on empowerment and in making new connections. Each young woman or girl receives approximately 2 sessions of psychosocial counseling a month and it takes about 40-60 minutes for one session.

  • $5 will make an impact on psychological development and healing to 1 girl a month.


  1. Domestic kits and hygiene materials support

The physical and mental health of individual girl under our care, in AFESIP, is our primary responsibility. A monthly average, AFESIP provides domestic and hygiene kits to 55 young women and girls in order to keep their well beings healthy, physical and psychological development to grow and concentrate on their education and training for their future careers. Your contribution in supporting domestic and personal hygiene kits for personal health development.

  • $10 will make an impact on personal health to 1 girl a month.


  1. Healthcare support

The initial steps of recovering victims from the injures or unhealthy condition they have encountered in the abusive situation is a healthy of their physical well-beings. The well beings of individual young women and girls we work with are the most importance and we take care of it seriously by providing them immediate consultation upon arrivals in center and following up treatments. Annually, AFESIP provides healthcare to approximately 55 in-centered and 20 reintegrated young women and girls. They have good health and healthy well beings they can concentrate in learning and keep working to get regular incomes from their work or business operation.

  • $15 will make an impact on good health to 1 girl for 1 month;


  1. Rice support

AFESIP’s recovery center is a place of healing, care, support and growth for each of individual young women and girls. The physical development of a child’s well-being is a fundamental right of every child to life. Physical well-being of individual girl at AFESIP is very important to us, AFESIP provides food of 3 balanced meals a day to approximately 55 girls in its center.

  • $20 will make an impact to feed (RICE) 1 girl for a month;


  1. School supplies for two (2) girls attending grade school for (1) month

Education is a powerful tool in producing a quality of human resource and breaking out poverty line that is a main factor contributes to slavery condition, in general. Annually, AFESIP provides education supplies to 100 girls. 55 of them are in-centered and 45 others are community-based reintegrated girls who live with their families in communities. Your contribution in supporting education supplies is an investment to eradicate child slavery through formal education in developing country such as Cambodia.

  • $30 will make an impact on 2 girls to get formal education (School Supplies) in state school for 1 month.


  1. Foods support

AFESIP’s recovery center is a place of healing, care, support and growth for each individual young women and girls. The health of their well beings is our responsibility. AFESIP provides nutrition of 3 balanced meals a day to an average of 55 girls in its center on different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner with fishes, pork, eggs, beef, chicken, vegetable and 3 times a week of fresh fruits or desert.

  • $50 will make an impact on nutrition feeding to 1 girl for a month;


  1. Cost of living allowance for University scholarship holder or apprenticeship

Illiteracy is a main factor of poverty because it contributes to working skills that lead to a vulnerable working condition, especially for female population, gender equity, domestic violence and economic exploitation etc. AFESIP works to empower the young women and girls through provision of certain working skills training and formal education because we believe that when they graduated they can persuade a right professional careers to live with dignity and financial independence.

  • $85 will cover monthly cost of living allowance to 1 girl.


  1. English and Computer Trainings for (3) girls for 1 month

English and Computer are very important for the young women and girls, both for their studies at schools and professional careers. Following national curriculum of Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS), students/girls enroll secondary schools up need to learn English 4 hours a week. Computer is a key to support their research and assignment while at school and necessary for their future career.

  • $100 will cover cost of English and Computer Trainings to 3 girls for 1 month.


  1. Sponsor 1 girl who is being recovered at the center

AFESIP combats both the impact and the enablers of human trafficking, slavery, abuse and exploitation of young women and girls. We accomplish this by helping victims become survivors and then teaching those survivors how to achieve financial independence through sustainable careers. We then welcome them to become part of our beautiful network of self-independent survivors. In response to the main objective, we serve young women and girls by providing safe and secure housing and confidential psychological counseling, routine and emergency medical treatment and professional legal assistance. Our recovery center has the capacity to offer safe and secured accommodation to 55 young women and girls in average at any given time. We offer them a full range of services to help with their recovery. They receive balanced, nourishing meals; clean clothes; personal  hygiene kits; general healthcare; psychological support; legal assistance; family conciliation; formal education in state schools; English and computer classes; tutoring; basic life skills training; etc. For their overall wellbeing and grown, they can also freely use the playground and library. They learn to live independently, manage their own money and ensure they are able to regularly participate in their chosen profession.

  • $150 of your contribution is monthly sponsorship 1 girl who is being cared at recovery center.


  1. Sponsor 1 young woman to pursue university degree

The university scholarship program aims to produce well-educated and confident graduates to young women who are able to pursue professional careers within girl’s dream to become true such as medical doctor, psychologist, accountant or lawyer. Our key goal is to empower survivors to become part of solutions.

  • $200 of your contribution is monthly sponsorship 1 young woman to pursue university degree.


  1. Sponsor 1 young woman to take apprenticeship

The young women, who are on average of 18 years old or so, often seek to gain valuable vocational training as quickly as possible so they can return to a stable lifestyle on their own or with their families. The outsource skills trainings are provided by established professional service providers with broader options of skills trainings such as beauty salon, tailoring, cook, bakery, restaurant etc. The graduation of certain working skills is a sustainable income for each young woman to maintain herself and her household in a healthy and independent way. Your contributions in supporting outsource skills training of:

  • $250 of your contribution is monthly sponsor to 1 young woman who is taking apprenticeship.


  1. Support Legal Assistance to (1) girl

AFESIP provides legal aid and support for their recourse to both justice and compensation to all victims.  AFESIP’s protection officer works with other like-minded NGOs prepare legal cases and ensures all victims are provided with legal assistance and representation throughout the legal process. Each case, we need lawyers to defend and represent the victims in courts.

  • $300 of your contribution can hire a lawyer to defend and represent (1) victim at court.


  1. Reintegrate graduated women for starting-up small businesses/ job employment at communities including starting kits, post integration support & follows-up.

AFESIP’s strategic approach is starting from identification of the victims to the full reintegration process into mainstream society with sustainable business solution and financial independence. We reintegrate the graduated young women either with job employment or run own business by utilizing the skills they were trained in to get a sustainable income to maintain themselves and their households in a healthy and independent way. Your contribution in supporting the graduated young women with business starting kits of:

  • $700 will make an impact on starting kits for 1 fresh graduated women;


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