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Six residents are brought from Phnom Penh Tomdy and Siem Reap Centers to train on commercial kitchen, a range of western and international food & beverages, serving customers, taking orders and delivering meals to tables…The on-the-job training is offered by Connecting Hands, an Australian based not for profit charity, having committed to raising awareness about human trafficking and slavery.


The criteria to screen the residents from the centers is based on those who: 1) know basic English, 2) have desire and specific interest in such training, 3) aged from 18, 4) know how to read and write Khmer well, 5) hold Khmer Identity Card and/or other officially recognized identification documents, 6) are healthy. The selection has been gone through many of a time, because they are not initially interested, because they need to master their own businesses. For the start, 6 of them have been selected unanimously, and more will be done provided that the business improves.

Connecting Hands will take financial responsibility  for all the trainees and provide them with a protected and safe environment, access to meals, accommodation, English classes, medical care and a training allowance. By doing so, they can be assisted with establishing a promising future for themselves, breaking their poverty cycle to some extent, staying away from prostitution, human trafficking & slavery and giving them hope for a bright future.

Collaboratively, in close partnership with AFESIP-Cambodia, the Connecting Hands Cafe has its long term goal aiming to assist trainees to eventually find their own housing, to work with each individual in all aspects of setting up their own secure lifestyle and safe living condition. In this regard, your presence and contributory support is really attributed to the accomplishment of this goal and we are all welcomingly looking forward to your visit and tasting food for a great cause. This not-for-profit-training café run by Connecting Hands can be reached at the address conveniently located at #42H, Street 178, Phnom Penh, or our contact: HP 078 58 88 10; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Web:

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