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SR0304, her mother passed away when she was 13 years old and she lived with her disabled farther in very poor condition of living standard. One day, DamnokToek Organization’s staff met her and her father and told her father about the organization services. Her father decided to send her to the center of DamnokToek Organization. She stayed there for 4 years and later she decided to leave and come back to her home. One day her sister who worked as a prostitute lured her to work in a Karaoke parlor at BanteayMeanchey Province. She worked in Karaoke for one month then DamnokToek Organization’s Staff found her and brought her back to the center.

In 2008 she was referred from DamnokToek Organization to AFESIP-Cambodia. Through AFESIP’s center services she received holistically cares including safety accommodation, foods, psychological and medical cares, education and training. At AFESIP, she studied grade 10 of formal education system then she decided to drop off the school. Based on her personal talent and her dream to be, AFESIP continues its support for her to start her new career pathway through undertook hairdressing skill through AFESIP’s partner outsourcing training service provider in Phnom Penh City.

Within her high commitment and hard-studying, she successfully completed her hairdressing vocational skill training the last quarter of 2015. Recently, she has been reintegrated with a set of hairdressing kit to start-up her micro-business at her hometown in Siem Reap province.

Wish her a success in her business endeavor.

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