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(Photo: Reuters)The activist Somaly Mam, 42, was sold, raped and forced into prostitution in a brothel, is helping girls who go through what she went through, she reflects: "Life is love."

In a dialogue with television journalist Ana Pastor in the III Women who change the world, this woman was a sex slave, remember that Sunday when let out of their cages where they were locked up, I missed that someone asked for their status.

So, despite the coldness of her story, who received the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation 1998, check sweetness to advise that "when you see someone suffering on the street, look at them and they will make you feel better."

I said from the experience of someone who, at that time, almost a child, when no one was looking, she was "ugly, dirty and hated my body," she says.

Now, from Acting for women in Distressing Circumstances (AFESIP), an NGO working in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, which she founded with her husband, has helped more than 7,000 women and girls.

The author of "The Silence of Innocence" argues that it is not easy to heal internal scar like yours, but when you help others, you are helping yourself, and clarifies: "Do not forget, you have to accept, forgiveness, forgive yourself and look to the future. "

Who managed to leave the marginal world of brothels Nom Pen, when she was 21, says today is lucky to have the good fortune to help many girls, making it emphasized that "you can change the world."

When a profile of Somaly Mam, Ana Pastor has called the survivor of sexual slavery as a woman capable of uniting with a smile cruder stories and above all a test to be believed in being human.

Grateful to Queen Sofia by the love she shows, even carries a picture where both occur together, Somaly Mam has been adamant at the time to ensure that the problem of trafficking in women occurs not only in Cambodia and, in addition to the violations, everything is worse when nobody wants to talk about it.

While wondering how they can sell to a human, in response to starvation, attributing the problem to the lack of education of the population who had more training, in a country where, in her opinion, during the communist regime people were killed.

This defender of Human Rights advocates that people change in cultures where it is forbidden to talk about sex, where is the man who chooses family and the only part of marriage that knows something about visiting brothels, a problem now addressing several NGOs.

The aim of the groups that are doing good work in this field, as Somaly Mam is trying to change the behavior of people, because women do not know what to do on their wedding night, they feel violated.

Without giving time for the frigid environment, disappeared fruits of the coldness of her testimony in a packed room of spectators, in the old prison in Segovia, the Cambodian talked about her return to the brothels by happening to look into the eyes of many girls who were raped by some military.

Your message to the violators, "I need you to change. Do not find pleasure and hit a woman," who was born repeated nameless family and, despite not know their parents or their birthday, repeated insistence that " Life is great, try to make people understand that she is happy in her life. "

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