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The Trafficking in Persons Report Heroes Global Network is a brand-new tool that was launched just several weeks ago! The site captures the stories of the people who have been given a TIP Report Hero award, among them our very own AFESIP. Providing in-depth biographies; a collection of resources filterable by focus, country and region; and a blog that is updated weekly with pictures and stories that relate directly to the Trafficking in Persons Report Heroes, the site is a valuable education tool for all interested in modern-day abolition. The people that have won this award are some of our best anti-slavery activists who are fighting for freedom all around the world. Touching every area of the globe, and fighting against every type of slavery or slave-like practice, these Heroes serve as an inspiration to all who wish to stand for freedom.

Check it out at! Browse around the Heroes profiles, check out the blog area, read the resources and learn more about world-wide anti-slavery efforts! 

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