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Dear Friends and supporters of NSMF and AFESIP,

We are truly appreciative of your continued support and heartfelt care & concern for the young women and girls who are victims of trafficking, exploitation and indentured slavery. They need your help and your generous contributions are changing their lives.

We're excited to announce that The Somaly Mam Beauty+ Salon is now Vimean Beauty+ Salon. The new name, "Vimean" which means royalty or grandeur in Khmer, highlights the fact that our clients feel like royalty when they visit us and our graduates leave us with an air of dignity that they carry into their successful career in beauty.

Romchong, this year aged 26 years, came from a poor family where they depended basically on seasonal rice farming with meager income and more terribly her family faced domestic violence very often caused by her drunken father. Then, this forced her to decide to migrate with her friends to Phnom Penh to find a job and then she ended up with working as a garment factory worker for one year and a beer promotion girl for some time. While in Siem Reap working as a beer promotion girl she had faced different forms of abuses both physically and psychologically by drunken customers almost every night.

Samot (PP-3226) had been sold by her mother at her young age of 2 years to an old lady in Pursat province while her parents got divorced and remarried. She was forced herself to stop studying at grade 5 of primary school while she was 13 year sold in order to help her grandmother (a lady who bought her) selling cake in the village to support the family because the sons of her grandmother had very often insulted her while she made any mistake they hated her very much.

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